PSI: Submarine Combat Release Date Announced.

A love letter to FTL, PSI is a fast paced roguelike designed from the ground up for Android and iOS tablets featuring intense submarine combat. PSI puts you in command of an upgradable ship that you design. How will you fare as your ship is put to the test while you work your way to rid the new world of an ancient enemy?

PSI remains true to the difficulty of other roguelikes, while still maintaining the pick up and play style of mobile devices. Whether you have an hour, or five minutes, it is up to you to keep a cool head as you command your crew to battle fires, manage floods and pilot your sub, all while combating the deadliest ships Carthage can muster.

PSI will be a ‘constant development’ project, with updates to follow throughout the year. The next major update planned will overhaul iPhone 5 and Android phone interfaces, making the game more accessible on small screen devices, followed by an update to deliver grid-to-grid hull building.

This is the first commercial game available from Exano Software, a one man enterprise believing in rewarding, exciting, full games without the in app purchases or intrusive advertisements plaguing modern mobile games. PSI is aimed at the hardcore gamer, and makes no qualms about introducing complex gameplay and mechanics.

PSI:Submarine Combat is available on Thursday May 8th for $1.99 across iOS platforms, and is available today on Google Play.