PSI was created and programmed by me, Tony Mangione (Exano).

Special thanks go to Mike Payne, of TEST Outfit, who created the hull textures, and the ptrojan who created the submarine model.

I’m an independent game developer on a quest to create the games I want to play, and the games gamers want on mobile.
I feel like gameplay is the most important part of any experience, and I want to bring the hardcore non-traditional gameplay driven experiences that I’ve grown up with and love to mobile.
I am on a budget of ramen noodles, and spend absolutely nothing to create my games. Unfortunately, that means I have no means of marketing outside of this website.

That basically means in exchange for the above, I rely on word of mouth and the community to help make my games known. That means every single person who downloads or enjoys my game matters more then I can measure. A positive review on Facebook, Reddit or Google goes 5 miles for me.
That also means I am committed to never _ever_ under any circumstances creating an exploitative game model
I will never make unbalanced or unfair pay-to-win games. And I will never become a developer that trashes on the people that make me — the gamers.
Instead, I will focus purely on making the best experiences I possibly can, and hope that my games make their own names, rather then a marketing firm.

If I can influence just a single person reading this to talk about my game, I’ve made my dreams come true. So get out there and play =)