Coming Soon

My focus on PSI over the next few months include the following:

Always a Priority:

  • Bug fixes. Please report anything weird to me! I love it when you do that.
  • First Priority: UI & Gameplay

  • General UI cleanup and design based on user feedback.
    -I’m thinking about cleaning up most of the clutter text and enlarging the weapons, among various other tweaks. Send me feedback =)
  • iPhone 5/Android Phone (Not tablet) GUI redesign.
    -The iPhone 5 currently has it’s own GUI, but it still suffers from some gameplay issues that I would really like to address in the immediate future.
  • Balancing gameplay, adding difficulty settings and generally rebalancing weapons.
  • Nuking any remaining issues from orbit, getting better optimization in place for older Android tablets.
  • Second Priority: Custom Hull Building

  • I really want custom hull building. I’ve got the rudimentary workings of it in place already, but I want to wait until I have balance more solid until I implement it.
  • This update will change how all hulls function, adding benefits and tradeoffs for big/small ships.
    -This update will also see an overhaul to weapons and how they function. More information about this in the future =)
  • Third Priority:

  • Assuming PSI does well enough to last this long, this will be updated. Your support is literally the only thing that keeps me going! Thank you guys so much!