A love lettey FTL, PSI is a fast paced submarine roguelike built for Mobile devices.
PSI is a difficult and fast paced game, combining the hardcore experience with the style and pacing of mobile.

Start by picking a hull and creating the submarine you will use in your mission.
After you design your hull, you’ll enter the open ocean. In the ocean you will receive your main mission objectives, as well as sub-quests. Here you will find a world filled with enemies to conquer and destroy for parts.
When you inevitably find yourself in combat, you take command of everything from crew direction to power systems to weapon alignment. Will you be able to keep a cool head as you fight fires, pump floods, and manage combat against the deadliest army Carthage has ever raised?


  • Dynamically Generated Content and AI.
  • Over 20 Unique Weapons.
  • Unique Dialog trees and Quests.
  • High-End Mobile Graphics.
  • Hundreds of Hours of Unique Content
  • Hull Creation Features:

  • Choose a Unique Hull
  • Build Your Systems The Way You Want
  • Select Your Ships Look & Style
  • Free Roam Features:

  • Roam the Ocean as You Complete Your Quest
  • Upgrade Your Submarine via discovering Armories and Shops
  • Unlock New Content and Parts as You Complete Side-Quests
  • Randomized Terrain & Map
  • Combat Mode Features:

  • Unique and Important Dialog Trees & Choices
  • Fight Fires and Manage Floods
  • Complete Grid-to-Grid Freedom & Crew Control
  • Designed-For-Mobile Fast Paced Combat
  • Modern UI & 3D Graphics
  • Full 3D Depth Control